Paul Abraham

VP & Chief Expert, SAP

Sunil Bidwalkar

VP Technology, XORIANT

Atul Dambalkar

Cloud Solutions Architect, XORIANT

Key Takeaways

  • Key considerations for containerization
  • Role of containerization to foster Agile development
  • Essential strategies to make microservices-driven applications DevOps enabled and Cloud ready
  • Insights from SAP experts’ containerization experience on cost savings and ROI, standardization, simple and fast configuration, maintainability, rapid deployment and testing

Why adopt containerization?

Cloud native and legacy software owners are adopting containerization to transform software delivery, deployment and maintenance to meet business-focused KPIs. Containerization ensures faster development and testing, allowing for more efficient application management in production at scale. Multiple container technologies, container-enabled microservices apps, CI/CD tools and dynamic multi-cloud architectures are creating disruption. Most organizations today are considering or have already taken steps to create or re-architect their existing application for the containerization and microservices paradigm.

In this webinar, we have covered the strategy, approach and certain nuances of a typical containerization journey in the context of -

  • Microservices driven application
  • Application portability 
  • Automation and optimization of large-scale production environments
  • Monitoring and Auto scaling

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