AI/ML for Operational Data Management

Thursday, 11 June 2020 |11 AM EDT / 4 PM UK

In this data-driven economy, keeping your data clean is essential for making informed decisions. Operational data management plays a critical role in terms of keeping the data up to date, but as the data volume grows from various sources data operations team faces new challenges for keeping their data up to date. This data can be the clients, accounts, products, etc. which is consumed by various business units and also for regulatory reporting. Traditional means of data management may not be able to keep pace in terms of solving the operational challenges effectively. In this Webinar, we will go through the solutions that we have adapted to solve some of these challenges by leveraging the power of AI and Machine Learning. We have started this journey with a goal to achieve operational data efficiencies by leveraging AI/ML into our platform. Join the webinar to explore how your organization can achieve efficiencies using AI/ML for Operational Data Management.

The webinar will explore:

  • Challenges with Operational Data Management
  • Traditional method to approaching these challenges
  • How we are using AI/ML to address these challenges
  • Some of the real use cases and results

The webinar will be led by industry experts including:


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