The one-size-fits-all approach of ISVs is changing. ISVs today need to adopt and embrace new technologies to enable their customers to deliver seamless, personalized, digital-first experiences. Hence, it is imperative for ISVs to modernize their product and platforms and help their customers undergo digital transformation.

In this webinar, we shared the key stages involved in the modernization journey of an ISV, which includes core value creation, rich customer experience, automation, and cloud infrastructure management. You will witness the success story of healthcare insurance ISV transforming from an exchange portal to a modern technology platform ensuring security, scalability & reliability. .

In this webinar we you will learn the:

  • Key stages of a modernization journey
  • Modernization trends and imperatives of a Modern Health Insurance Exchange Platform
  • Partnership value from a Technology Service Provider
  • Lessons realized from GetInsured's transformation journey



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